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  • Time of issue:2021-11-30
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1. According to the requirements of the job responsibilities, perform duties, be strict with self-discipline, study hard, be proactive, continuously improve their comprehensive quality, and continuously improve their business skills, skills and work efficiency;

2. Ensure the timeliness and quality of the work undertaken and the tasks arranged by the superior, without shirk, delay, or backlog, and prevent the occurrence of unresolved discussions, constant discussions, and no response after the event; for two-level supervisors The order or command issued at the same time shall be subject to the order of the immediate supervisor;

3. All the daily affairs of all employees must be completed on the same day. If they cannot be completed within normal working hours, they should arrange overtime work by themselves. For urgent matters that occur temporarily, when notified by the supervisor, even if it is not normal working hours, it should be handled in accordance with it, and it should not be excused;

4. Do what you say and do what you do, and jointly build a working atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual understanding, and mutual cooperation; during working hours, no noise, chatting or chatting with each other, and no gossip or disturbing the work order;

5. Comply with the work and rest time stipulated by the company, and strictly implement the requirements of the company's "Employee Labor Discipline Management Regulations".

6. During working hours, you should stick to your post, do not do anything unrelated to your work, and may not meet people who are not on official business; you should explain to your colleagues when you need to leave temporarily; when you leave the company, you should explain the situation to the department supervisor, and you can go out only after obtaining permission;

7. Adhere to civilized and safe production (office), consciously maintain the order and cleanliness of the work area, and improve work efficiency. No loud noise, spitting, and littering of paper scraps in the work area; no meals (snacks) in the work area, and smoking in non-smoking areas is strictly prohibited;

8. In the company and in the workplace, maintain a good mental outlook and mental state, and strive to stand like a pine, sit like a bell, and walk like the wind;

9. Pay attention to the manners and appearances, treat people and things warmly and generously, have a humble attitude, speak elegantly, be warm and thoughtful, neither humble nor arrogant; when accompanying guests to dinner, do not drink too much and lose your temper, which will affect the company's image;

10. The daily language is polite and standardized, and consciously use civilized language such as "please, sorry, thank you, please wait a moment, goodbye", and shall not use rude, vulgar, and irregular language; address titles or names among colleagues in the company;

11. Maintain a humble, polite, sincere and friendly attitude towards customers or guests. For the matters requested by customers or guests, we strive to be thoughtful and alert. What can be done should be handled in a timely manner, and should not be rashly or arbitrarily put on hold; if it cannot be done or cannot be done according to the company's regulations, the reasons should be explained and politely refused. ;

12. Within the scope of business, adhere to professional ethics and professional ethics, and shall not ask for or accept remuneration (rebates) from relevant business units (customers or peers) under any excuse or in any way;

13. Do your best to keep the documents, property and all public properties in your custody, and do not take them out or lend them privately. Do not misappropriate public funds for personal gain or for the benefit of others. Otherwise, its legal responsibility shall be investigated according to law;

14. Do not arbitrarily read documents, account books or letters that are not under your responsibility;

15. Prohibited items, dangerous items and non-essential items shall not be brought into the workplace;

16. If the company's property or interests are damaged intentionally or negligently, the employee shall be liable for compensation;

17. Without the authorization or approval of the company, it is not allowed to transfer, lease, lend or mortgage the company's vehicles, equipment, property, etc. to other companies, units or individuals;

18. It is strictly forbidden for cadres at all levels to use their powers to require subordinates (or others) to operate in violation of regulations, or to engage in behaviors expressly prohibited by company rules and regulations.